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"Cesiomaggiore, the town of cycling"...where else would you find the intersection of contrada Fausto Coppi and contrada Gino Bartali?

(right) This charming clock/sculpture greets you at the entrance to the cycling museum. It is one of seven bicycle clocks created by local artisan Francesco Morosin.

Attention! "Sport cycling itinerary." The small sticker on the left of the triangle reads, "Siate gentili con i ciclisti"--"Be kind to cyclists." Mirco Zangirolami of Monselice wrote to tell me that

he is the cyclist who placed the sticker. He sure was surprised to find this photo!

A street in Oderzo..."To Fausto Coppi, il campionissimo, authentic and incomparable interpreter of cycling for all times."   Signed, "His fans"

"Montello Cycling Park...slow down"

No entry...bicycles excepted

The Brenta River Bikeway passes right in front Romano Cornale's popular beer hall and Bavarian restaurant, which bears his name. He created this charming "Cyclist's Fountain" for the use of two-wheeled passers-by, be they customers or not. "Cyclists are the kind of people we like to have in this valley," he said. "They're not troublemakers and are genuine and wholesome people who have good values and set the right example for our children." He also purchased a wheelchair so that his handbiker customers could sit at the table and use the restroom.

A monument in Treviso at Ponte della Pria,

not far from the Pinarello store

"The Cyclist's Fountain" in Nanto, in the Monti Berici

a monument to Gilberto Simoni on Passo Pordoi