The Veneto is one of Italy's 20 regions (Tuscany, Calabria, and Lombardy are some of the others). It consists of seven provinces: Verona, Vicenza, Padova (Padua), Rovigo, Venezia (Venice), Treviso, and Belluno. As you can see, it encompasses an incredible variety of terrain, from the maritime environment of Venice and the waterways of the Po River Delta to picturesque hills formed by both volcanic eruption (the Colli Euganei--Euganean Hills) and glacial action (the hills of Asolo and the Prosecco wine region), pre-Alps, including the Monte Grappa massif and the Asiago Sette Comuni, Tonezza-Fiorentini, and Cansiglio) plateaus, and finally, the spectacular Dolomites, a unique section of the Alps. Seventy percent of the Dolomites are in the the province of Belluno.


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area: 7,095 sq. mi (18,376 sq km), a little smaller than New Jersey (my birthplace)

inhabitants: 4,500,000

products include: textiles, chemicals, paper, processed food, wine, machinery, eyeglasses, gold jewelry, shoes, wearing apparel, furniture, engineering. Consider this: ItalyItaly magazine reports that there are 344,793 firms in the Veneto, one for every 11 inhabitants. The region produces 15% of all Italy's manufactured output, and exports more than Greece and Portugal combined. Eighty percent of Italian-made eyeglasses, 90% of the world's high fashion shoes for women, 95% of those made for men, 65% of the world's ski boots, and 70% of Italian sport shoes are manufactured in the Veneto. Diesel, Benetton, DeLonghi, Zamperla, Geox, and Luxottica (owners of Oakley, Ray-Ban, Lens Crafters, Pearl Vision Center, and Sunglass Hut!), and Segafredo coffee (sponsor of the Trek Factory Racing cycling team) are among the region's best known companies.

even the word "ciao" is a Veneto "product," originally meaning "your slave" (in the sense of "at your service") in the Veneto language! (the true spoken language of the Veneto).

History in a nutshell...

1000 B.C - settled by the Veneti people

2nd century B.C - came under Roman rule

mid-5th century A.D. - devasted by Attila the Hun

568 - invaded by the Lombards...sometime after, natives flee to islands just off the shore, thus founding Venice

10th century - towns began to reacquire importance, ruled at first by their bishops, then becoming free communes, i.e. independant city- states. Venice is one of them.

by the early 15th century - the area of today's Veneto region was part of the Republic of Venice (as what are now the neighboring Trentino and Friuli regions)

1797 - Napoleon conquered the Republic of Venice, and then passed it to Austria

1805 - made part of the Napoleanic kingdom of Italy

1814 - restored to Austria

1866 - ceded to Italy, which had finally become one nation (however, Trentino and Friuli remained in Austrian hands until the end of WW1).

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