part 1

In Progress!

GF Campagnolo, 1998, On the final climb, the legendary Croce D'Aune pass. It was the second time I'd done this event. (I have no photos from the first one).

GF Pinarello 1999, Vittorio Veneto

GF Pinarello 1999, Le Mire

GF Pinarello 2000, Rolle (the town, not the pass)

GF Pinarello 2000, Treviso

GF Pinarello 2001

GF Pinarello 2002, the Sella di Arfanta, with a section at 18%

10 Colli del Santo - Colli Euganei 1997

Ritrovarsi con Francesco (Moser)

(note the bad habit of almost everyone in the photo: when riding in a group, your hands should always grip the bars and be on the hoods or drops, ready to brake in an instant).

Pinarello 1997? 98?